There are no Forest on the Flat Earth

a Wonderful Exposition by a russian author.

The Devil's Tower is a Giant Tree

The Devil’s Tower is a Giant Tree  (Claramente es un tronco de árbol)

He explains, that before the flood the trees were gigantic and the remains of them, their base and roots, are the mountains we see now.  And we can see the hexagonal shape of vegetal life on those mountains which tottaly anihilates the official and ridiculous position that LAVA gave it that perfect shape, without a volcano, without eruption, and that also cut it flat on the top.  The truth is that it looks like a cutted tree with its multiple hexagonal cells shape all over its core.  Stem fiber does have that pattern.  It is a giant plant.

Devils Tower was not made by Lava… utterly ridiculous.   There is not a Volcano around it or any remains of Lava.

El autor ruso, explica que antes del diluvio los arboles eran gigantes y que sus restos, su base y sus raíces, son la montanas que vemos hoy dia.  Y podemos ver la forma hexagonal de la vida vegetal en los patrones del piso de esas montanas y en las nervaduras que bajan hasta el suelo,  todo lo cual aniquila la posición oficial de que la LAVA le dio esa forma, sin un volcán, sin erupción y que también lo corto plano en la cima.   La verdad es que luce como un arbol talado con sus múltiples nervaduras hexagonales en toda su corteza.  Las fibras vegeteales tienen ese patrón.  Es una planta gigante.

La Torre del Diablo no fue hecha por lava, es ridículo,  No hay un volcán cerca, ni restos de lava.

More atmospheres of pressure… what does that tell you??   An easier life in ancient times, with very large plants and humans, animals, etc.


Look at the FOSSIL WOOD becoming Gems. – Petrified Forest National Park

Hexagonal Floor Tile - was not made by Lava - (incredibly absurd and stupid).

Hexagonal Floor Tile – It was not formed by Lava – (an incredibly absurd explanation).

Petrified Forest - National Park

Petrified ForestNational Park

And in the Petrified Forest of The National Park, you can even see the limbs transforming its matter into precious gems… the limbs of the tree are around the mountain, the base and roots of the tree.  These old giant trees have remainings (petrified matter) that are mutating into precious and luxurious stones, metals and minerals.  Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Chromium, Rubies, Emeralds, Silica, Diamonds, quartz, etc.

Petrified wood becomes earth,  precious gems, minerals, metals, oil, diamonds… and yes, you know that: fossil becomes oil, fuel or diamonds depending on combination of pressure with other conditions.

Trees store data and connected with us, God, the present,  the past,  the future.

Dev Tower STEM 2

You can conclude and see the absolutely different irregular and disordered shape that lava forms.

And all of this have perfect sense due to the fact that our society is manipulated by satanist psicopaths that deny God and supress anything that proves his prior creation.   An example:  SMITHSONIAN confiscating disappearing and supressing Giant Skeletons or remainings of any Giant Being.

devils_tower_aereal view 3