The Truth about Sex

They try to make us think it is the must important activity for the species, yet it is not.  Feeding yourself is the priority, breathing, thinking, creating and Peace.   After you satisfy those needs, specially securing the peace in your environment, then you worry about sex.

The truth is Sex is ephimeral,  its pleasure is so short that nobody dares to admit it or discuss that subject.   All of the media promote irresponsible sex as something normal of our society.  Yet sex is very complex,  you need to be defective or crazy to engage with strangers.

An Orgasm doesn’t even last 10 seconds,  wich is too much nothing for so much effort in the copulation, and a greater effort in the sexual relationship.  The pigs have a 30 minutes orgasm,  without Tantra crap, so don’t try to justify this unfair gratification of ours.

The worst thing is women don’t even come.  Whaat?  Yes,   just like tuat,  they have a hard time to achieve orgasm, specially the first time.  It is always a first time painful and messy (every time is messy, they always end up with dripping sperm and again, don’t dare to talk about it).   Ask a woman to describe the female orgasm,  they won’t mention it is just like the male’s, expelling seminal liquid, having prostate, showing the proof of female pleasure in an erected clint (not the actor).  And how unfair,  women don’t reach climax because they think they’re about to pee on his sexmate.   So they don’t reach it having a comsequential frustration aftermath.   Readers, there was a disease called neurosis after that and psychiatrists were bored and tired to masturbate women as treatment that they invented a machine to let them have that part of treatment on their own.

Women need to be driven by hormones monthly in order to be in a horny mood, the moment when they are fertile,  not because they want but nature wants.   A creator of this didn’t care if you comprehend or not, he was securing the continuation of life.

It is my right and duty to pass the truth to you:

Sex purpose is to create life.

Life is more important than sex.

(pleasing is its extra quality, that’s why it is so short)

True Rebel