The Sabbath

We are lossing something very important,  because every 7th day our energy could augment, our knowledge could be increased,  yet we are bombarded with corruption to behave improperly specially the last day for wich we are lossing a blessing and also by deception the whole humanity is respecting the first day of work as it was sacred, yet it is not.  And they worship in that day.  Wich they also call like in the Babylon paganism, Sunday.

Look at the symbols they show to us in that day of the Sun.

So the very first thing to do;  re-establish your connection with the divine force, that is the creator.   He is called the God of the Spirits in the ancient scriptures like Enoch’s.

Meditate,  empty your mind out of negative emotions, choose 2 elements of your issue and then imagine a solution.   Don’t be affraid to pray,  because it is also a form of meditation,  where you connect with a a supreme power that can do anything.   A power that is perfect, almighty, that loves you, that helps you, and the best of all is you are part of that power.

So yes, pray or meditate but the goal is to connect to God.  Being that god the only  divine force,  the only creator.  There is only one because even by logic if you already have one god that is ALMIGHTY why would you need another one?  Besides again by logic 2 gods almighty cant be all powerful because if they both can do anything, one of them cannot do something that the other cannot do as well,  so one is not Almighty.   Ergo there cannot be 2 almighty gods because they would eliminate the almighty property of each other.  (Then, as you can comprehend Satan could have never being another god,  besides he is under archangel rank and he works for God.

Meditation is the spiritual-mental connection to the only creator entity, the almighty divinity.  And you are part of it.

Meditate,  you will solve your problems,  you will be smarter, healthier and more powerful.  You will chanel the chi,  the energy of life, wich is so powerful that you can burn objects or its best use;  to heal.  (I will teach you about that energy in the next edition).

by now please remember to connect to the divinity.

About the Sabbath,  it is your duty to seek for the things God wants to teach you, so yo can get that knowledge in