I know what it is… the Suicide … the feeling of I can’t bare this anymore… I give up.. I just can’t take more crap from life.   I never found my soulmate.  I don’t know the rest of you fellows failed on that, but I’m not ashamed to ADMIT that I didn’t find my Soulmate…. (and I thought I would)  …When I thought my acquainted and friends did succeed, I just discovered that it was a lie…  Their lives were as ordinary as mine.  So they are divorcing.  They just got company for their lives,  but they never had a soulmate.

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Feeding more my suicidal thoughts; The religions are a Fraud, starting with Jesus and Christ, they are not the same person and neither one exist.  The real messiah have another name and we are accepting a fabricated savior instead of knowing the real one… that alone is depressing enough to suicide.  But on the top: Every idiot wants to give you advises.  Useless, of course.  Everything in this world is so false, Everything was DEPRESSING…  Everything is a lie and I just don’t want to be here anymore.

Life for me was like a damn disappointment.   Nobody that I know is really happy.   Love seems to be an illusion.  Not just for me, for everybody that I knew.   Love really is mental state.   Something only God can feel.  Only parents that raise sons, experience love.  When you give everything to protect that defenseless vulnerable baby.   To do the best to form his mind.  Then you feel love… without conditions.   And you give it… You don’t expect or care to receive it.   But I was just another suicidal person and I had to overcome that desire to die in order to meditate about affection.  (leer en Español)

And the only thing that can make you react:  If You KILL yourself, YOU WILL BE SEND BACK TO THIS SAME LIFE… exactly the same conditions.  WTF !!!  I refuse TO LIVE THE SAME CRAP ALL OVER AGAIN …  I better defeat my shitty life NOW.   I wanted to suicide …but then it came so clear to my mind.   Look around you, Who is ruining the world where we are?   It’s definitely not you or me.   How do I change my suicidal will?   You fight them or you Die.       . . . . so what about you?   Got tired to be their slave yet?

There are bad news … no matter how much you refuse to believe it:  RE-INCARNATION is a FACT, even the Creator mentions that to Job.   Is when you come back to this dimension in better or worst conditions and a new life.  The bad news is: You earn those conditions.  So make the best life you can.  Make good to people.  Stop crying about you and pay attention around you, because if you can help people next to you… Help them (even better that I am doing just by writing this article.  Of course it is cruel to realize there is someone else suffering way more than you… and even more if it is some one close.   But do your best to help.  en Español

All I can say about it is: I wanted to kill my self…. but I had to overcome that depression… because NO FUCKING WAY  I would have this shitty life again !!!   (article about Re-Incarnation)

It is not totally your fault…  They are using the radio waves to affect your mind, body, behavior, mood, emotions, your metabolism.   All can be affected with a specific frequency.  This depression is not totally your fault.

Who’s the Cancer

Those demented leaders that are ruining your world.  Those masons, those occultists, those satanists.   It is their fault and the answer is difficult to see… but very simple.   The world is sick because they are ruining it.   Who experimented with their own civilian population?  So either you live depressed for ever or you fight back everything from them.  make up your mind fast and Join us… fast, because THEY have been organized for centuries,  they don’t act alone.

It is Summer and not Christmas when the suicide rate is at the top.   When the people is full of energy…. THEY say that people wants to die, kill them selves and it seems ridiculous but that is what THEIR statistics show.   ¿Isn’t it obvious that they provoke the suicide?

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What Dianne Reidy really said was:

‘He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked- don’t touch me- He will not be mocked,’ she had called out.

‘The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God. It never was. Had it been it would not have been. It would not have been.

‘The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God. Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be to Jesus.’

(you can listen to her own testimony, next link.)

But you know exactly what WE mean about “under hypnosis”, mind controlled, the place where you feel sunken.  The reason why so many people felt SO IDENTIFIED with the movie GET OUT.    (by the way, the character never could scape the hypnotic state)

Our advise:   Don’t follow the people…. the true reason of this events is clearly THEIR fault.  They are still using people for their experiments and they kill them by altering their behavior and modifying their mood to depression using radio frequencies.  Or in the worst case the nefarious electroshock, neuro drugs, induced memory or brainwash.

The truth is that HAARP, radio, Micro Waves, they are all the same technology.  The material about all of their methods is not a secret and it is easily available.   So if you still want to deny it.   It won’t be published by us.

Homework:  Search for the testimony of a doctor exposing how her patient is physically exploited by government mind control sending voices directly to her mind.