Otto H. Warburg

The german scientst who obtained in 1931 the Nobel Prize for his work in Medicine / Phisiology, in wich he discovered that the cause of all diseases is an acid blood environment wich takes the oxigen out of the human cell,  turning them into cancerous tissue.

Warburg discovered that all of the diseases are acid and show 2 characteristics: Acidism and Hipopsy,  while a healthy metabolism is alkaline.

The table of Ph was created to explain the alkaline or acid state of a substance,  if the Ph is 7 neutral, 14 Alkaline and 0 to 4 is Acid.  If a human has ph lower than 4.5 will fall into deadly comatose condition.

The best alkaline food for the human health are:   Aloe Vera, honey, chlorophile, lemon, natural salt without Iodine (just fresh from sea) and the best re-hidrating drink is sea water.

Working out oxigenates the blood and tissues wich is the main purpose of an alkaline blood environment;  and eating fruits is very useful and provides energy source of natural carbohidrates.  Because sugar is not food, is not natural, not vitamin, but is dangerous while making your blood acid also reduces your health and inmunological response by 80%.  Sugar not only makes you sick but on the top of all makes you dumb, slow brain connections and FAT.