Mutilated Bible

Do you really want to know a Mystery??

It is all in the bible. But you need to get the complete pieces of the bible.   Here is where I help you… I have decoded the most important things, but it is your obligation to care about God messages.

The Sacred Collection was mutilated from its most precious truth… in the Council of Nicaea, they removed the book of Enoch, the book of Jasher, Lazarus Resurrection from the Mark’s writtings and anything relating to re-incarnation.  (except Jerome, you should check it out).

The bishop of Mira from Turkey (again) was there (Nicaea) literally slapping Arius in the face. (Mira’s bishop is the supposed: Saint Nicholas, he is from Turkey).

However, It is your responsibility to verify our findings.   Every shabat, you should learn from the other books as well as those in the bible.

And what is the truth?

Constantine never converted to Christianism.   Christians were divided in two factions.  He was a politician who only cared about one final religion.   Like if it is just a lie to entertain people.

Arius was real and he remembers there was not any Christus among the gods.   They wrote the whole Council Declaration around Arius.  Which makes it all EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS !!!

The emperor Ptolemy (a.k.a. General Soter) placed in charged of Egypt by Alexander, suddenly wanted to be a pharaoh and demanded to be worshipped as another divinity inside the egyptian pantheon,  so he ordered a divinity to be created acording to he.   Then Christus was born… that’s why it has that macedonian name.   Ptolemy is Christus.

Christus = Serapis = Ptolemy

Christus = Serapis = Ptolemy

There is an elect mentioned in the book of Enoch, and he saw him while traveling inside heaven.   So there is hope for a Messianic appearence.

The Origin of the Gays… it is in the bible.

The Origin of psychopatic gays? … it is Caanan.   and they are the White People.   (not the sons of Japhet… there is a big cursed difference).

Reincarnation is true… but they are making everything possible to hide it.   Even Yaweh declared the previous existence of prophet Job during creation.

Ancient Black Romans

Ancient Black Romans

The Original Humanity

First romans were black.

The first Castles in the world come from black people and they are still in Ethiopia, but they white culture hids this to make you forget that black people is the original race of earth.

All of the monarchies and novelties from Europe come from black people, even when their kingdoms populations were pale.   That is why they call them black novelties.   Firenze, Persia, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Hapsburg, etc.

The king James from England and Scothland was BLACK and he order the translation of the bible that included the Book of Enoch.   You can still purchase a copy of his collection for 500$ from Oxford College and there is an illustration inside depicting him as a black man, printed from an original engraved.

The king Karl V, (Carlos V, Charles V)  was a black man.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, Moshe (Moses), were all black/brown men, David, Solomon, Mary, Emanuel (supposed Jesus), Peter, they were all black.   all of them and the jews come from Shem, not from the black Ham.

The Original Race is Black, but they became corrupt and every evil comes from them, so God applied his plan to bring people with a light skin color, brown, pale, yellowish, redish.  But being white was a curse, so horrendous that he made the flesh to fell in leprosy… a Curse from God.  And the elite conspired to hide the truth.   Ancient people had it very clear that black meant divine creation, everything else came from genetical corruption, but God had a response to that.

Yes !!! there were Giants even after the flood.   Samson, Nimrod, Goliath, Anak… that is very clear in the bible.

German Queen of England observing a Giant

German Queen of England observing a Giant




Skulls of Paracas People, Peruvian Culture

Zeus ate his sons and secuestrated human women just for fornication. Zeus is really the story of Satan Semshaza, leading the defector watchers who betrayed God and how they contaminated the human genes with their corrupt seed and on top promoted genetic abominations… they went beyond fornication with animals… because they promoted genetical freaks like experimentations, just to have freak hybrids called MONSTERS.

Noah was a red/white human, with pure genetic composition (that’s why there is reference to pure and impure animals, without spots meant genetically pure or stable after hybridization), he was not an albino (which is defective), yes, both tones in the skin.  and his eyes… shocking but brightly evident.    And that is so clear in the book of Enoch, which you are all affraid to know.   Even after Enoch warned us THAT BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR OUR GENERATIONS.

Albinos don’t come from Noah, but from incest and close related inbreeding.   White people hates this FACT !!!

All along the bible; being WHITE is a CURSE from GOD… it is called Leprosy… and if you considered yourself among that group… then you are a damn stupid …the elite doesn’t consider you white, for them you are cattle.    Examples of being white and cursed: Miriam (Mary) Numbers 12.   Naaman, and for ever cursed with all of his descendants for ever white: Gehazi

2 Kings 5:1-27

27 The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.

Read Leviticus 13 and you should comprehend that those laws of leprosy refer to 2 different things,  infection scab and color… spoted is impure, scabed is impure… but one stable color is accepted.   If white, you are called clean lepper.   …but still a lepper, not a white person.   If you were more intelligent you would have infered that Israel congreagation was black in Moses times because they were turning into white people during the leprosy plague !!!

Exposing Satan

What really is it?   (Satan is not Lucifer) Link here

White People created and sustains pornography, pedophilia, human traffic, snuff videos, drug proliferation, fake wars, children sacrifice, sex with animals (zoophilia), and White people imposed all absurd things like: GAY MARRIAGE which is illogic…    Because marriage only is a union between man and woman,   …the whole concept is only related to them as different genders.  And their sex DO UNITE so that’s why we exist.   But that doesnt happen with gays.  They dont unite their sex… they do abominable things with their asses and lesbians with their hands…. and worst: their mouth (not even their tongues).
So Gays have to use a different term, not pretending that marriage applies to them.   There is NOT SUCH A THING as GAY MARRIAGE, that term is only for us, for normal couples, for heterosexual couples.   And being gay is not a normal thing.  You are defective and that’s not our fault.   But gays have always been accepted… we even left them alone in certain fields like Hairdo, Fashion, Interior Decoration, Strip Tease dancing (yes they are gay), and they should never be exclusive for them, so dont let them like if they are rejected or segregated, they are not!!!  They have always been widely accepted, even in the damn army… and they are never rejected.   The term Fagot, Queer, etc. is now avoided tabu like if it is a great offense… Well, DEAL WITH IT.  It is still a right of people to use it.  Or did you know there is a law against it?    And Transgender,  WTF is that?  another excuse for fagots, that’s all what it is !!!

and WHY do gays exist?   Oh, I have that answer in my book.   And the Gay presence is an issue of this subjects because: They don’t enter heaven…        so I have to explain what they are in the book.

White People also accepted the abominable concept of a Satanist Church, It is so stupid to make a Church for Satan = which is the enemy of the human concept, …who’s only purpose is to be an employee of God, a tool who requires God’s permission to oppose people virtues.    And to crown their stupidity they copy to have a bible, rituals, sacrifice with blood, sacrifice of humans… instead of proving God wrong, they decided to copy it.   (They ratified the existence of something they oppose and on the top they copy him!!!!)    …So inferior people.

Fall-of-Lucifer by-Gustave-Dore

Fall-of-Lucifer by-Gustave-Dore

Satan is not Lucifer.   Lucifer is a latin term came from a fantasious book of 10 volume poems (so boring), Lost Paradise from John Milton.

LAVEY/07NOV97/MN/WARD--The High Priestess Karla LaVey held the hand of a wax statue of her father Anton LaVey at a press conference announcing his death. By Brant Ward/Chronicle

LAVEY/07NOV97/MN/WARD–The High Priestess Karla LaVey held the hand of a wax statue of her father Anton LaVey at a press conference announcing his death. By Brant Ward/Chronicle

The earth is Flat… the bible declares it repeatedly and you dont have the courage to face it…. but it is FLAT and that makes us all LIARS and denying God.  But there are many other things to know.

and the most shocking revelation is… this world serves to prepare you for something else…    that you are incapable to confront.
It is all smoothly exposed in my book:

Jesus is Yaweh

The Dragon Conspiracy