Mono Sodium Glutamate

A poison present in every processed food.  It makes you lazy and INCAPABLE to concentrate on anything…. if you dont understand the comsequence of this you are AFFECTED ALREADY.  It means that it dumbed you down.   And therefore you end up looking for constant distraction and entertainment.  It’s also known as MSG, an exitotoxin, is a taste intensifier that kills neurons within 30 minutes or less,  making you fat, dumber and addicted to that intense taste.

MSG diminishes your mental capacity,  making it difficult for you to concentrate,  but to get entertained seeking for distracting pleasure everytime.

It is present in several forms and inside all processed food.  Oh yes!  Diverse compounds of MSG.

You know when something is part of a subjugation plot to dominate you, when they have the nerves to add it to baby formula.  It’s more than enough !!!