Miss Universe 2015 a Comedy

is this all happening just for a Military Base to be placed in Philippines?? So the base is already planned, discussed and accepted by the lame corrupt phillippine politicians.
But they need to convince the population over there.

Why would you put a comedian as the host? He has no experience in the beauty pageant environment.   So if this was intentional is not a good plan for convincing Phillippines people to accept a Militar Base in their territory.   Then if it is not intentional the Directives of the MU Brand are incompetent for assigning a comedian this job.   And why? As we all expected, because no serious man wanted that job after Thrump’s declarations of the mexican people.  Who by the way do give reasons for a bad reputation but your criminals, bankers and satanists are way worst mafia.

Miss Pia Alonso is the lover of the Phillipinan President for over 5 years,  making this ring of corruption even more clear are the Columbia Goddess, Ishtar, Eastern, in the Statue of the Beauty Pageant as background of a humilliation ritual to initiate Ariadna in the network of occultists.

But if this is not an initiation in the DOLLS elite for the first runner up, then “NO ONE FEELS WORST THAN MISS COLOMBIA”.   Besides not having the great body Miss Venezuela has; She is having too much attention now for not winning and people who never liked her must be enjoying her humilliation.  But she is the perfect face for that weird campaigne: “I’M SECOND”.

Why isn’t there a rule against fake boobs made of silicon bags and saline solution?

And a rule against coloured contact glasses?? This fake beauty pageant is beyond ridiculousness while pretends to be Universal.

We expect real beauty !!!  Genetically perfect people who really deserves bearing a universal title.   But if Luciferian directives are incpable to offer that to the world, then we know who is the only winner, God.   (And let’s not forget Satan is not Lucifer, the character fabricated from the book LOST PARADISE, the subject of the next article.) Finally, my congratulations to Miss Phillippines,  She is a gorgeous, petite girl.  Why can’t I remember her name?   Pia Alonso.