Imhotep was Joseph

And there are so many records of the presence and the things developed by Joseph while he was in Egypt… but they used to change the names of the people, specially if they become important, giving them a name according to his achievements… and why would they use foreign words to replace the egyptian language?  So the opposite seems more logical.   Joseph the brother of Benjamin and son of Jacob and Rachel, grandson of Isaac, great grandson of Abraham.

You didn’t know egyptians had a formula to produce concrete… because white culture don’t want you to know that concrete, electricity, chemistry, medicine and a lot more were developed by Joseph who survived as advisor of 3 consecutive kings.   And for that reason there are a lot of records about him.   Including the beginning of his ministry as the right hand of the Pharaoh, to save the whole country and also the tribes of Israel from the famine and to preserve the hebrews inside the land of Egypt for 300 years. …to what purpose?  Well, to prevent them from mingling with the other nations of corrupt seeds and pagan beliefs.

Why a famine of 7 years around Egypt?

To reduce the evil canaanite population around Israel, that famine was a punishment for the extreme corruption of the people… the wickedness of the Canaan population was so persistent and ingratiating that they deserve a dedicated article to them.   The fascination of this subject is guaranteed.   But you will find their truth as repulsive as secret is been.    Think about it.  What was so repugnant about the people of Canaan that Noah cursed him, instead of Nimrod.   Find out how their abomination is still infecting the modern world.