Illuminati WTF is it?

It is an Ancient Conspiracy

Conspiracy is a Crime not a myth, a Crime defined by the laws and governments, so don’t allow people to mock you on this serious subject …instead, educate them and expose them for what they are: Accomplices of crimes against your government, your society, against all human kind and against YOUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

They are just a set of defective psychopaths hiding to manipulate and monopolize every field of the society and to do so openly or in secret is to CONSPIRE against you… and that is a Crime.   Conspiracy is a Crime.

Who are this Illuminati people?:  All of the Papacy, the Borgias (Iranian persian origin) were monarchy,  demented criminals and Papacy,  so all of the Monarchies and their henchmen, currently The Jesuits, the “iluminados” are the enlighten ones.  The Illuminati are remarkably telling you that they always use the latin language for satanic plots and you just don’t pay attention.  ¿How dumb are We?   They call us the cattle.

The Romans used to speak Latin, and they ordered the execution of babies to eliminate the Messiah.  It was known as “The slaughter of the Innocents”.   No respectable soldier would have accomplished that order, unless the command came from the top rulers, Herod and the Roman Empire itself,  unless their leaders were satanists.   Only established satanists could do that atrocity,  so again: ¿How dumb have you been all this time?   Seriously !!!  Illuminati is a latin word.   That proves they are more ancient than that,  and the corrupt people behind it are those who speak latin nowadays.   In their stupid movies, why does the devil and demons always speak latin?  That is not their language, nor an angelical language.

They have an ancient origin but Their consolidation with demons was only possible at that roman age,  but they came from the cursed grandson of Noah, the father of defective and demented people, the incestuous Canaanites.   Although They have been present long before the babylonian times,  but not organized until the Ham (Kam) gave a stolen spiritual treasure to the monster Nimrod,  a psychopath (of course) who altered his own nature.  You all kow the Story and how They were stopped at the Giant Tower for their pretension to kill God and for oppressing their actual world with a totalitarian government,  which was exactly the statement for the divine judgement on them.  Decades later, Their monster was killed but acquired many names under many cultures,  as well as his mother which is on the top of the capitol in Washington.

As a result they were scattered after the linguistic dissolution of Babylon and dis-membration of their monster Nimrod, her mother continued the Tyranny and the manipulation thru fake religion,  where a late Nimrod became the already present sun and Semiramis and Tamuz (illegitimate son),  became Mother-Son divinities until this very day.

Illuminati Celebrities – and there are many more

Who is doing this today?
Who practice sun-worship with the exact babylonian sun?
And with exact Mother-Son imagery?
Those who speak latin !

babylonian sun cross mixed, …cult headed by pope francis a Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

The Illuminati are just demented people.   They are not normal but crazy… with absolutely psychopathic mind and disgusting behaviour,  not enough with raping babies and children but they kill them and drink their blood that includes pedophilia, ritual abuse of children, satanism and monopoly of commerce and criminal businesses on drugs, human flesh and blood, human trafficking of children, women, organs, induced wars, weapons, usury under IMF and World Bank and every kind of wickedness is promoted by them.
They are so demented that believe garbage like reversed things to deny God.  Like speaking and singing backwards and that’s why they have hidden messages backwards on popular song records.

The Illuminati are a HISTORICAL FACT not a myth, not a joke but a serious danger, a Conspiracy and remember … Conspiracy is a Crime.   They are not a fashion word but a historical fact registered by many authors like John Robison (the Physicist and inventor) who renounce to Masonry when understood they were being used to another purpose.   And he exposed them publicly in every social reunion he could.
In pre-revolution times a Catholic Priest, the Abad Berruel who wrote “Evidence of a Conspiracy to control the world” which is exposing this group of crazy people.

John Eric Phelps,
Eustace Mullins,
Leuren Moret,
Darrel Hamamoto
and of course Me:  True Rebel.

is even Bruno Mars doing the Illuminati Eye?? Let us know what you know…

They are just the descendants of more crazy people.  So be aware that the fairytale of the Bavarian origin with Adam Weishaupt (1748–1830) is not even the tip of the iceberg but a distraction.   They are all of the monarchies,  the roman empire,  the  greeks,  the persians.  They are hidden now in the Iranian people,  but they are just the same people… today they have different names like italian mafia, khazarian, imposter jews, those people in Israel are not even real jews, nor the biblical jews but adopted jews from Europe; with defective genes of the inbreeded Khazars, which their own authors are exposing because of the stupidly absurd pretension of usurping the biblical jews.   Writers like Shlomo Sands with his book THE INVENTION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE
and “The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire” …  a book by Arthur Koestler.   They are both from the actual Israel who pretends to be legitimate when is not even close to be an authentic nation of God.  But this people with the defective genes of the mongols, edomites, Canaanites are incapable to deny their fantasy because of course that´s the nature of the Psycopathic mind.  They are crazy.  They are stealing billions from the US in foreign help funds.  Which is sustaining their war.   Why do they need funding or loans or to steal from US? if they are so divine and so jews  God would give them the treasures to have their army.   It is forbidden in the Torah to have a Nation for them.  They ENVY us,  they want to be us.   But the most horrendous truth here is: The American people is not THE NUMBER ONE NATION in the world, but are the most Dumbed People of the Earth,  And Israel is nothing but a parasite at service of satanist… where their own rabbis know it is not a legitimate government because it was forbidden to become a nation until the Lord himself comes back.

Zionists are not jews but satanist, controlled by mere jesuits and funded by Rothschild which are just more Khazars pretending to be jews, but as impostors, they are not even religious people… they are just the demented persians with new names.

And Remember clearly these creeps sacrifice children in ritual abuse… They are not just pedophiles but murderers… and when over a million children get lost in one single nation every year and the FBI can find them it means they are involved deceiving with perfection the most DUMBED People in the world… or you just don’t care and you had it coming !!!