Grammys 2018

Sting & Shaggy

Together for the musical production of don’t Make me Wait.  Now they are

Reunidos en la producción musical de Don’t Make me Wait.

Aunque Erica, L. Fonzi, Daddy Yankee y los demas colaboradores no obtuvieron el Grammy han dejado una huella internacional con el exito que tuvo el tema Despacito.   Durante la ceremonio D. Yankee y Luis Fonzi  expresaron que: No se iban con las manos vacías.

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Bebe Rexha

She was looking gorgeous… fat… but Sexy

See it for yourself you are still on time,

Janelle Monae’s Speech was more like a political propaganda than a freedom for the oppressed women.   Was it preparing you for an invasion of witches on high positions?  Just because they are slave-witches of the demented elite of course  …for whom what the message “Time is Up”??   not for us… but for her leaders and the other puppets of her leaders.  Which are all just playing a roll.

It clearly seems that the stream of Female Pride is being promoted by the elite, there is not a movement of change for the God of the people.  It should be clearly related to stop the abuse over women, the traffic of white women on the prostitution market, …to stop the sequestration of humble women to enslave them.  Not for promoting pride.

Hollywood never protested for the death of the Black Dahlia – The Death of Elizabeth Short

The woman found tortured and mutilated by her half.   No woman pronounced about it then.   And it was their own elite who sacrificed her.

Ke$ha started her career as a well known illuminati branded artist… She is not slim anymore, She looks like another person but looks good enough.

Question:   Don’t you know the secret behind every Show Business?

Aren’t they all just puppet witches of the old Elite?