Christmas Suicide

This is not just about christmas depression,  that happens because people realize they are alone or not having what they really want.  That’s all.  Accept it and continue with your life.  Find your happyness or resignate with your current situation and tomorrow pursue your goal.  Because this here, is the real thing.  So in christmass season people are sensitive to loneliness because they are not with  that person or persons they love the most.  The feeling of being alone is so strong when you know no one who loves you is gonna hug or kiss you in that moment.  Everybody else is happy, but you.

What if you are cursed?? …Oh come on,  you have the feeling there is a reason for having this life, but you don’t comprehend the “why”.  Well, my explanation is straight to the point and you don’t have a better one.   What if you are cursed??

I have stared at the suicide 3 times, because never had the courage to fully calculate the comsequences of my escape.  I don’t like my life… (I thougt) I want to end it.  Why can’t I be happy?? I want to escape this…  wait a second.   What if I get returned to the same life again??  Having to live this same life all over again??  And for the last time I have to defeat this surrendered will, once and for ever!

The worst thing is I always was a positive person…  but I didn’t like my life.

How could I not wish to die?? When everything here is a lie.  Santa is not real, is a fictional character used to deceive children, to make them write letters to the unreal character, not even to God, wich is the normal behaviour, but is also replacing the saviour.  Evolution is a belief, not even a theory, it doesnt accomplish the scientific method. No one has ever observed, tested or proven this evolution lie. It is a lie !!!

Christ doesn’t exist, that’s not his teal name.  Serapis, General Soter.  We have not being in the moon, it was a millionaire scam to cover up someting worst.  We can see far galaxies, but we cannot see the moon surface.  Everything is a lie.

Several micro-organisms cause cancer?? Then it is not one disease,  but several illnesses developed by the same condition, poisoning with chemicals, metals and sugar, causing an acid condition provokes those cancer types, disoxigenation of the cel. But there are many cures.  Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for his medical work and you don’t see it in medicine books, college, no where.  As Eustace Mullins used to say:  “Medicine is not a profession, it is strictly a business”.  Why?? Because everything is a lie and I have every reason to be depressed, angry or suicidal.   I choose Rebelry against the world.