Christ Origin

No one ever pronounced the word Christ ( Χριστός ),  before the Messiah, the Savior, neither close to him.

Nadie jamás pronunció la palabra Cristo ( Χριστός ) delante del Salvador, del Mesías,  ni cerca de él.

Because his name was not Christ.   That is a greek word ( Χριστός ) for the first macedonian pharaoh, because he was a ruler who wanted to be recognized as egyptian divinity.  He was just a macedonian general placed as ruler of Egypt by Alexander.

Jesús no es su nombre.    Ni Cristo ( Χριστός ) que es greco macedonio.  Y Jesús viene de Iesus, que es Zeus y es otro asunto aparte.  Gracias a un general macedonio que regía Egipto  por nombramiento de Alejandro Magno.  La historia de esos nombres las sabrán en próximas ediciones.

Nowadays the bust of the general Soter (Ptolemy) is in the British Museum, and other versions also exist in other countries.

Sculpture of Serapis, Egyptian god of the underworld. The bust shows Serapis with a corn measure on his head. Found in the east end of the temple of Mithras discovered under Bucklersbury House, EC4,1954.

He insisted to be an egyptian deity and they created a very ridiculous imagery for him, Serapis, that later would be known as Christus ( Χριστός ), a greek macedonian word.   The Serapis followers were known as christians.

Hoy en día el busto del general Soter (Ptolemeo) está en el Museo Británico y existen otras versiones en otros paises.

El insistió en ser una deidad del panteón egipcio y ellos le crearonuna muy ridicula imagen, el Serapis, que después sería conocida como Cristos, una palabra greco-macedonia.  Y los creyentes de Serapis fueron conocidos como cristianos.

Also see Zeus is Jesus, that word was fabricated from Iesus = Zeus, who became Jesus, but the real name of the Messiah, the Savior is Emmanuel. The lord, the annoited, the son of God.

I still save the hope that there is a Messiah, because God himself said so to Adam.  That his son would come to accomplish redemption for Adam and the human gender.

So Christ is not the son of God, Soter or Ptolemy is no the son of God, but Emanuel is the son of God.

The Messiah was not born on december 25th,  but it is something else that we made believe to celebrate.  More about this subject here.







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