Black Hero

black panther chadwick boseman

In the past years… the white culture made us believe there were not black heroes, but there were a lot of them specially in Ancient History.

How many people knows that real greeks were black? That egyptians were black. That romans were black (Caracalla, Severus, Julia Domna).  That Cleopatra was black, even with her ptolemaic genes she still looked like a black, she even had afro locks.   All original monarchs were black (they even call it Black Novelty) as Charles the V (Karl V, Carlos V, of  Hapsburg, Austria, Danubian Culture, Netherlands, France, España, etc.) That the first president of USA was a black, way before Washington, he assembled the government, he did not like to lead them, but he organized everything and that he was elected because every revolution member voted him, unanimously, including Washington!!!

And there were a lot of black protagonists in Ancient era.  But that is part of history, literally both ways.   Now my article here is about having a movie exploring the heroic aspect of a black culture, the reality of a perfectly developed black civilization.  (Which already existed) Now they are shown in the movie Black Panther.  Although it is a Fictional story, it explores the development of a black culture as the background society of the hero.

What we don’t remember is a perfect example of that: The egyptian culture was so powerful and developed that they knew and used electricity and mastered the relationship between  impedance, voltage, resistance, inductance and they named it.  Ptah is undeniable along with the other concepts.   And other cultures: Ethiopia, was a whole empire, Nimrod himself was undeniably a black man.   The assyrians, the lybians, the whole persian empire was black, even with their elite nobelty presumably pale they still had afro locks, even the great Cyrus is depicted with afro locks.  Let’s put it clear to report you about the movie. Egyptian culture knew the value of the electron (charge) more than 20 centuries before your white people.  And they expressed it in Hyeroglyphos that you barely study now.

Now let me report the movie.

Around a powerful black culture (PERFECTLY PLAUSIBLE as NOW you know!!!) … It’s the story of a black prince that protects the secrecy of his super developed country (subterranean) and his technology from any external danger.   Where does his super powers come from?   Vibranium, Adamantium, Fantasyum?  The core of his developed civilization?

Is his origin the “Super Soldier Genetical Formula” ??? the same responsible for Red Skull, Captain America, and Black Cat (a blonde girl) and who knows how many more.

Well you find out and enjoy the movie.

Pantera Negra

La historia ficticia de un superhéroe que protege una supra civilización subterránea y secreta para mantenerla sin contaminar por el actual mundo corrupto.   Al mismo timepo que ocultan la tecnología del Vibranium que les llevó a desarrollarse como la más avanzada civilización sobre el mundo actual.   (Lo cual es perfectamente plausible pues algo semejante ocurrió con la cultura egipcia, persa hasta la partida de Moisés).

El actor Chadwick Boseman encarna a T’Chala,  la pantera negra, quien tras la muerte de su padre también asume la responsabilidad del trono de Wakanda (el nombre más feo que se le puede poner a un país).

Cual es el secreto de los poderes de T’Chala?  La Fórmula del Super Soldado?  La misma que es responsable de Craneo Rojo, Steve Rogers, La Gata Negra (una rubia), y quien sabe cuantos mas.     Descúbranlo mientras disfrutan la pelicula        ….el otro año?

chadwick boseman

Chadwick Boseman is a talented, handsome actor with chameleonic qualities as he proved in his role as Thoth in Gods of Egypt… it was just last year and when people dont remember you were the annoying smart ass character of a movie last year, because now you are an avenger, it means you are a damn good character.  They simply cant relate you with another character, then that’s a great sign !!!


Chadwick as the smart ass divinity THOTH, god of wisdom

Chadwick-Boseman-James-Brown-Get on Up

unrecognizable playing James Brown in the movie “Get On Up”

chadwick-boseman 2

The black panther suit fits him perfectly. He is a versatile actor.   I hope he is not gay… because they are promoting him like too much as the ring of gays does with their puppets.

toy panther

even the toys look very good…  and they better, because we make more money with that merchandise than with the movie.   (by the way: AntMan is such an unfair toy …as you can see here).