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Almost any kind of topic can be found in this magazine, from sex, fashion, health, science to religion.  But always with a view beyond your boring corrupted paradigmas. There is no medicament or drug in the world declared as the cure for nothing.  So they are called just treatment, because it would be illegal to call it something else.  People become doctors just for money,  they are not talented for science.  They dont even comprehend the treatment part,  they comply to the corrupt system and prescribe the defective drugs of the Farma Mafia.

The Jesuits are a military order not religious, the are satanist and are the real Iluminados, they are the Illuminati !!!

Governments are the most corrupt and incompetent organizations in the world,  controlled by UN, FMI, World Bank, Iranian (Babilonian) Nobelty, the Vatican and the Jesuits.   Also under control are the masonry, billderberg, monarchies, media, music industry, education, arts, israel, zionism, rothschild are controlled by demented creeps, corrupt freaks disguized as occultists.   They are mere demonic slaves proving with their resistence ≡ the existence of God …and exposing the weakness of their demons.  If their masters could defeat the Divine I would’ve been born their Devilish leader.   But their only power is that people until now, deserve to be slaves, under their hill, under this monopoly of control.

While you are living your dumb slaved life… they are killing children in rituals and disgustingly sick sexual abuse.

The earth is not moving, it is still, just as the bible describes.  The earth does not rotate.  NASA and the idiots of United Nations have been rubbing a lie on your faces for years.

They sell sequestrated women and children like cattle.  Specially Orphans and they abuse them and profit out of them.

They use military bases to commit their crimes and brainwash celebrities under hypnosis.   Monarch Projects and Ultra Projects are real.  Their damage were aknowledge by president Clinton with Apologies, and a Report of 500 pages. It is damn real !!!

White people are guilty of everything by consent… they are always involved in every despicable perversion of the world, they don’t oppose to the criminal monstruosity of their white culture.  Ergo they are the inferior kind.  They will return to slavery.  They are the edomist against which God is indignated for ever.  — … he said For Ever!!!

Serial killers are always white people.  Anton Lavey was founder of the first satanist church, he was white.

Mormons are absolutely wrong and they are a lie.  Their top leaders are satanist.  Their prophet is a fake. His charge is only as a president and he is not a prophet called by God.  (Pay attention to the speech videos and images, it’s written: President and only president, but never prophet).  Joseph Smith was a mason who practiced polygamy with married women of missionaries that he sent to other places and countries.  That was adultery and it is not a secret it is recorded in the history records of their Church.  They can’t hide it.   Mormons are not the true church.

The Illuminati are a Historical FACT.  Now they want to be popular with this stupid name,  But they are a true menace to humanity and shall be destroyed.  They are just the same old satanists with new names.

Satanist people control the world.  Don’t let them win.  Satan is the governor of this world.  But Lucifer does not exist and is not Satan.  Satan is not an angel, he is not beautiful and he does not bright.  He was the announcer, did you know that? The announcer.

Virgin Mary is a depiction of the pervert Semiramis Queen and Tamuz.

The antichrist is not Satan but Nimrod son of Cus and Semiramis is known by many names today.

Jesus does not exist… it is a mockery… it is a replacement for Zeus.  Which is IESUS ≡ Jesus.

Christ does not exist. It is a Macedonian Word, for a fake deity made by egyptians for the idiot Ptolemy the Tyran left by Charle Magne to govern Egypt, the father of Cleopatra wanted to be a deity and he is Christ since then.

The Redeemer, the son of God is real, but he is Emanuel, the Saviour does exist.

The whole world is the Universe, it has been created and testifies of a Creator.

The education has been imposed to blind you and brain wash you to become a slave puppet of this corrupt society… there are even people who would kill you for this system.

So because everything they told you is a miserable lie,  the rebellious I’m saw the perfect reason to give you choice;  Are you with a dying world or with the new future?  Choose your side, because God does not want people a bit warm.
Either you are hot or cold, with God or with the devils, there is not middle point.   (The scriptures show why… you should read them).

Haven’t you read the final chapter of the bible… Satan does not win.

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