3 Sons of Noah

There have never been a religion who gave the world the truth about Noah or even worst, his sons.   Why?


So Red haired people are shemites, but their skin is failing to be reddish.

  1. Simply because they would have to reveal that the blacks comformed the original race of planet earth.   Proving the mormons to be absolute liars!
  2. That Noah was sort of an alien,  because he is a mutated human being,  with pure genes generated by God of course,  but his origin was not earthly but divine.   Noah was pale white and red, had white afro hair and his eyes were light emitter organic diodes.  This is not a joke.   Leave a message so I can give you the scriptures.
  3. They would have to admit the white culture is responsible for the lies,  because those whites are ancient satanist,  struggling for centuries to be established on power.   And which intentionally removed the book of Jasher and the Book of Enoch so you could never ever know the truth.
  4. They invented religions like a Mormonism, Jehova’s Witnesses, Christianism, Muslins, and so many others.
  5. The same way they have hidden that asian people are also jews,  and the prophet JOB was an asian and was very important for God and he was blessed with the 3 most beautiful daughters on the earth and they were chinese of course.
  6. They have hidden that the Cannabis (hemp) is a sacred herb with seven point leave original from China, where Job was, used in mixture of the anointment oil for kings and prophets and it cures many things …including cancer.    And it is an incredibly productive plant in terms of economy and industry,  useful for paper, steel, resin plastic, fabric, rope, spiritual matters and medicine.   The same condition applies for Coca and many other plants.
  7. Noah’s wife was black as everybody in those ancient times.   The first born of Noah was not black, and the son RED, Shem was the father of the seed of the pact: Heber (Hebrews), Abram and he produced multicolor skin people, including black,  and those blacks were treated as slaves by the descendants of Cam (Ham) his black son father of Mizrain (egyptian seed).   And Japhet was white!!!   Cam is the younger son but his mother is another one, because Japhet and Shem are both from the other mother. (Wives: Naamah a daughter of Enoch, according to book of Jasher,  and according to Book of Jubilees the other one is Emzara, daughter of Rake’el, son of Methuselah).  The hebrews were multicolor skin and hair race and I can prove it.   In fact I just did !!!
Cam Ham

There are Blacks descendants from Shem, and from (Ham) Cam.