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Music Production

True Rebel is the Studio for Music Production.
We are partnered with the Digital Gods Studios for Video and Film Productions and also 3D Animations.

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Videos Films and 3D Animations from colaboration with the Digital Gods Studios.

Any News considered important by us or related to the Music or Film Industry may be found here.

Let it Go

Idina Menzel: An actrees with a Great Voice and talent.

La La La (Cover by M. Rowe) Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith

Cute and Warm Performer.

Josh Groban & Maude

Interesting, isn't it? In real life.

Chrissy Constanza

Very Good Singer.


What We Do

  • Songwritting, Lyrics
  • Music Videos and Films with Digital Gods
  • Composition and Arrangements.
  • Private Mixing and Recording
  • Visual Production with Digital Gods

Artists Samples

Singers and Bands

The very popular celebrities you already know, plus New talents better than them. They sing the same songs of those, but way better.     An mp3 example here... Music Sample

Sonnet Cottage
June May
Beatie Wolfe

Contact Information

Edwin Nudiel • +1 (+507) 6259 7921

Our Location

Rebel city, Piazza Rebel

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